Life is Spacious for Dean’s Seed Fund Winners

Dean’s Seed Fund winners are enjoying the new downtown incubator space!


Above left, Haas MBAs Emily Yao (’16, Planet Murple) and Susy Schoneberg (’17, SocialForce) compare notes on their summers as co-founders.

Planet Murple is creating media and products to make healthy eating fun. SocialForce (also 2nd place in the Financial Inclusion track of Big Ideas @ Berkeley) is helping startups and small business give back to their communities by connecting them with organizations that can best use their expertise.

On the right, SmileyGo team members are ramping up their corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform empowering corporations to give smarter. Pictured: Joey Pereira (CS ’16), Audrey Tsai (Cog Sci ’17), Lisa Ann Yu (Stats ’16), Daniel Kazuko (EECS ’17); not pictured: Pedro Espinoza (Founder, Haas ’16)

Find out how your team can get $5k + a sunny spot in our gorgeous downtown incubator! Applications will open in November 1: