Aging 2.0 Global Startup Search Wrap-Up

Our second Aging 2.0 Global Startup Search was a hit!  Seven exceptional pitches + an inspiring update to a community of folks across campus and beyond.  Thanks to CITRIS, UC Berkeley School of Public Health & UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare for co-sponsoring!

Last year’s winner, C.Light Technologies, from UC Berkeley’s Vision Science Department just received an NIH SBIR grant for their eye tracking neurodiagnostic device.  They’ve also just moved into their first office space in downtown Berkeley.

This year’s winner Siren Care, won $1,000 for their smart, washable (!!) socks to detect issues for diabetics & others monitoring foot health.

Haas alum Nibha Aggarwal (pictured) and current SkyDeck team, detailed iTreat MD‘s point of care solution to improve communication between clinicians and patients.  LAUNCH favorite Manuel Acevedo from Helpful Village shared his company’s vision for connecting participants in the Senior Village movement.

Other top pitches included:

Eargo: virtually invisible hearing aid + service & support

Neofect: stroke rehabilitation glove to help patients relearn activities such as squeezing an orange, pouring wine, etc.

Soteria: stops Alzheimers wandering before it starts