Who Wants To Join #MillionDollarWomen?

Great entrepreneurs don’t get mad, they solve problems. Horrified by learning that only 3% of women entrepreneurs reach $1M in revenues, Julia Pimsleur channeled her energy into building a road map for women entrepreneurs.

Pimsleur shared her new book with both of Dr. Kurt Beyers’ entrepreneurship classes. Students learned about some of the drivers behind gender financial disparity, including the fact that although 40% of all businesses are owned by women, only 4% of VC funding goes to women entrepreneurs. Given this lack of runway, it’s no surprise that women are also twice as likely to shut down because they run out of cash.

As a successful author, entrepreneur and filmmaker, who’s raised $20+M in venture capital, Pimsleur has set an audacious goal to inspire and support 1M women to get to $1M in revenues by 2020.

Join the #MillionDollarWomen revolution and learn about the three key behaviors leading the way.