Aging 2.0 #30in#30in#30 Wrapup

Aging is one of the fastest growing segments for startups.  BHEP partnered with CITRIS and several other schools on campus (iSchool, Engineering, Public Health, Social Welfare) to bring student and alum entrepreneurs together as part of Aging 2.0’s “30 pitches in 30 cities in 30 days” aka #30in#30in#30!

Berkeley had one of the largest events, second only to London in attendance and number of startups.  Two grad students in Optometry were selected by the audience for the $500 prize (C.Light Technologies) for their use of light to detect the early stages of Alzheimers.  Two alum companies (The History Project and Revolve Robotics) went on to compete (and won!) pilots with Aging 2.0 companies.

The complete list of pitching companies is below–thanks and congrats to all of the entrepreneurs, panelists and sponsors for making this inaugural event possible!

The evening’s highest praise came from 91-year old UCSF Professor Emeritus, Dr. June Fisher, “Thank you for developing useful tools instead of something else to track my every move and monitor me.”

C.Light Technologies
Revolve Robotics
Seismic Link
Sympatica Medicine
The History Project
Thru Focus Optics
TruCare 24

We use novel retinal eye-tracking techniques to assess neurological health. Our technology is capable of tracking the eye with the accuracy of less than a micron. Click below to learn more.