10 Countries, 18 Teams: Meet the GSVC 2015 Global Finalists

Don’t miss your chance to see these amazing global entrepreneurs along with the rest of a jam packed conference!

April 9-10, tickets here: 

CattleMettle is a social venture with a bold mission to mitigate the effect of adverse climatic conditions on feed availability for cattle in arid regions. (India)

Clarus provides high-quality eye care products to treat amblyopia (lazy-eye) an incurable disease that impacts 10 million children in China. (China)

Drinkwell improves livelihoods for the 200 million people living in arsenic and fluoride-affected areas by establishing local businesses with water filtration technology. (USA)

Du’Anyam aims to improve prenatal health by providing pregnant women alternative employment to subsistence farming in Indonesia. (Indonesia)

Eco co produces an innovative material based on recycled plastics to make construction more environmentally friendly. (Burkina Faso)

Garbage Clinical Insurance is a micro insurance program that uses garbage as a financial resource to pay for healthcare in Indonesia. (Indonesia)

Gold of Bengal created a technical jute reinforcement and aims to set up autonomous jute mills that respect security, environmental and social standards. (France & Bangladesh)

HomeStray is a social venture partnering with stray animal shelters and using the Wechat platform. The resulting B2C platform specializes in pet products and O2O for pet services to provide funding and additional support to shelter partners. (China)

Horus Technology develops computer vision solutions to restore independence for the 300 million visually impaired people in the world. (Italy)

Lakheni harnesses the aggregate buying power of low-income communities to give access to discounted staple food, develops micro-retail enterprises (spaces) and supporting Childhood Development Centers (crèches). (South Africa)

Lumir makes an LED lamp that lights up an entire room by converting a candle’s heat energy into electric energy without any exterior power.  (South Korea)

Reachi is a disaster proof dedicated communication device that links professional Red Cross and locally placed volunteers during disaster response. (Denmark)

ReMaterials aims to help the 1B people in the world who lack adequate roofing, starting with slums and villages in India. Their ModRoof solution is made almost entirely of waste, provides thermal insulation, strength, and allows for incremental installation and repair. (USA)

Solwa makes a solar-powered system for drying food that improves food storage for domestic consumption or for industrial uses.  (Italy)

Toilets for People brings affordable, waterless composting toilets that safely treat human waste to the developing world, where conventional sanitation solutions fail. (USA)

WEDO Global addresses cultural misunderstanding and conflict through multi-cultural workshops, community walking tours, and overseas tours. (China)

Xendit offers low-cost money transfers to help overseas workers who have limited access to traditional banking. (USA)

Y Generation gives under-privileged youth around the world access to quality vocational education, through adaptive e-learning and peer-to-peer pedagogy. (France)