5 Things Startups Can Learn From Teachers

IXL Learning develops dynamic, adaptive learning products for K-12 math and language arts.  More remarkably, they’re one of the few EdTech companies that hasn’t taken outside money.

So what’s their secret? Packing their team with teachers to create the best, most relevant content AND deploying teachers throughout the company to infuse these special skills into their culture.

IXL’s Megan Elmore is a Math Product Analyst and former teacher. While clearly passionate about creating products for students, she shared some interesting insights on the broader role of teachers in building great startups.

Teachers are super resilient to failure.

“In the classroom, failure happens multiple times daily. We have to adapt on the fly all day long.”

Flexible thinking and collaborating effectively in multi-disciplinary teams is central to how teachers function.

“We’re used to looking at the big picture, as well as what we need to deliver as part of that. We also used to working closely with other teachers whose skills sets are totally different than our own.”

Teachers are great at explaining things.

“In my role at IXL, I’m asked to explain things all day long. Adapting my explanation to different learning styles is second nature.”

Learning to code can give you a richer perspective.

“Teachers are naturally curious and understand the value of learning new skills to keep at the top of their games.”

Teachers are great examples of folks who understand their user base.

“We understand that small things have a big impact on how users experience the learning process as a whole.”

Thanks to Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners & IXL Learning for an awesome night of education!!