Countdown to LAUNCH: What’s New & Different

Seven days to the new and improved LAUNCH! The bar for entry is higher this year and we’re matching it with even better prizes, more hands on mentoring and a killer curriculum designed to get your company to fundable.

Since the education component is a new feature of this year’s LAUNCH, I wanted to share some additional info about what to expect. Many successful entrants will have either taken a Lean LaunchPad class or will have strong skills in customer interviewing and product market fit.  The LAUNCH course will build on, but go beyond these basics using the same learning by doing approach as well as exercises and assignments to immediately benefit your product or service.  The course is designed to be practical, tactical and really dig into the advanced skills needed to attract and *close* funding and partnerships.

Here’s an outline of some of the topics covered…while there may be a small amount of overlap/review in the initial part of bootcamp and the first online session, it won’t be terribly repetitive.


  • Introduction to Getting to Scalable
  • From Strategy to Metrics That Matter
  • Advanced Customer Discovery
  • Agile Development
  • Lies Entrepreneurs Tell Investors (and Themselves)

5 online sessions (biweekly, 3 hours/each)

  • Scalable Business Model Design
  • Interviewing Customers, Partners and Investors for Customer Validation
  • Building the Team: Introspection, HR, Culture
  • Startup Law: Incorporation, Intellectual Property, HR
  • Channels and Partners: Get, Keep and Grow Customers
  • Metrics That Matter: Instrumenting Your Business and Product
  • Telling Your Story
  • Startup Finance
  • Customer Support and Evangelism
  • Selling: from Pipelines to Contracts to Closing
  • Funding for Startups: from Grants to Venture Capital
  • Networking and Pitching Investors

1 day final boot camp

  • What’s Next: Scaling for Success
  • Networking Sessions with Partners and Investors