Questioning the Status Quo: Can A Startup Be Good While Doing Good?

A new class at Haas is Questioning the Status Quo around “can a start up be good while doing good?”

Taught by impact investors and entrepreneur leaders Jorge Calderon and Will Rosenzweig, this Fall’s Social Lean LaunchPad course combines the scalable business focus of Lean methodology with other structures to align the mission and impact of the business design.  The other key difference in Social Lean is that idea/product validation goes beyond traditional customer groups to focus on a broader set of stakeholders that may include groups such as beneficiaries and employees.

Students from across the campus will learn the frameworks and gain experience with tools such as stakeholder interviewing, hypothesis testing/refinement and building out a one-page business model known as the Lean Canvas.  Teams will receive coaching, feedback and guest lectures throughout the course from social impact experts.  The course will culminate in a pitch night for all teams to receive feedback from investors, experts and peers.

If you weren’t able to enroll in the course and you have an idea for a social or environmental venture, then our Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC) may fit your needs.  This year’s GSVC will feature an adapted version of Lean LaunchPad training to prepare the best teams for the final competition.  Founded by MBA students at Haas, the GSVC has evolved into a global network supported by an international community of volunteer judges, mentors and student organizers, and a partnership of premier business schools and universities in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.  More details here: