Do You Embrace The Values Of An Entrepreneur?

by Andre Marquis, Executive Director of the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley

We all have a lot to do. If you’re an entrepreneur in particular, you have to make a lot of decisions involving a lot of uncertainty. What guides your decisions? Is it the shiniest object in front of you? Your task list? Your strategic plan? How about your values?

When I was looking at taking the job leading the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship, one of the the biggest appeals to me was that Haas School of Business has four clearly enumerated values and they are the values of a great entrepreneur. Take a look:

  • Question the Status Quo: Able to envision better futures and take intelligent risks.
  • Confidence without Attitude: Making decisions based on facts and analysis. Having the courage to speak your mind and confidence to act without arrogance. Leading through trust and collaboration.
  • Students Always: Having a mindset of curiosity and learning. Gaining wisdom from failure. Seeking lifelong personal growth. Practicing behavior that tells others we can learn from them.
  • Beyond Yourself: Seeking out and embracing issues larger than yourself. Always considering the long-term impact of your actions.

Wow. Read the list again. Questioning, listening (especially to customers), learning, driving forward, seeking out and implementing a bigger vision – that’s what great entrepreneurs do. It’s The Berkeley Way of Entrepreneurship. Are your values driving your decision making?

[For more on how Berkeley-Haas drives these core values through admissions, the curriculum, programs and more see David Aaker’s Fast Company Article, Haas Culture In Action, and follow Dean Rich Lyons – @richlyons.]

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  1. Thanks Andre. Simple and effective way of illustrating that it’s always good to spell out a framework that helps entrepreneurs, or anyone, to evaluate the decisions and choices they make.

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