The Berkeley Way: Reinventing Entrepreneurship Education in a Global Context

by Andre Marquis, Executive Director of the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley is an incredible place to study and teach entrepreneurship for three reasons:

  • It is one of the top five research universities in the world
  • It one of two of those universities in the world’s most dynamic startup environment, the San Francisco Bay area
  • It is the United State’s top public university (historically, but no longer principally funded by the taxpayers of the State of California). It’s a university whose fundamental mission encompasses teaching, research and public service together. Inclusion is in our mitochondrial DNA.

UC Berkeley is a great incubator for rapidly testing new educational methods. It’s a university and a geography with a culture that rewards experimentation.  It’s no accident that ideas behind the Lean LaunchPad came from here.

The world’s problems are significant. What I have learned in my two years here is that the problem of educating ambitious, entrepreneurial leaders resonates around the world:

  • Entrepreneurs to take on seemly impossible problems
  • Entrepreneurs create solutions: they build, test and scale
  • Entrepreneurs drive the truly disruptive innovations

In this blog we will be exploring an inviting others to explore how to create disruptive leaders – ambitious, lean, globally-oriented entrepreneurs – leveraging our defining principles to educate leaders the Berkeley Way.